Currently I am testing the Analytics tool for Software Funnels, but this tool has brought up a good point that I wanted to blog about today. That point is sometimes testing takes time. In the case of our Analytics tool, we were hoping we would be able to have our programmer fabricate historical data in order to be able to test transaction history over a greater time period.

However, this isn’t currently an option within Stripe. As a result, we will build the transaction data from scratch and will be testing for quite a few months moving forward.

This isn’t a huge deal but it does take time. This is probably one of my favorite tools to test thus far because it’s all related to financial metrics companies. Not only do the calculations have to be correct, but that have to display properly based on date selection, as well as be organized in a visual way that’s easy to understand.

I would assume that test transactions will be fairly common for any business that intends to charge for their product or service. It’s important to know how to setup and process test transactions through your merchant provider. I have never utilized Stripe before now and I can already say I’m pretty impressed with their testing capabilities. That’s not to say they are perfect but there are many things I like about them.

I’ve really liked and relied upon their documentation they provide on testing transactions. I feel like they have been thorough in providing not only just multiple different test methods of payment available but also a variety of options for testing certain transaction responses and errors. It’s one thing to test and see a successful payment to go through, but it’s completely another to test for the various errors and responses your users will get while processing their transactions.

I’m excited that we have begun the testing for Analytics. It’s another tool almost complete but even more importantly that frees up this particular programming that has helped a ton tying the whole software together through the API. As soon as he is finished with Analytics we will definitely be utilizing his skills to continue to tie up all the lose ends before the launch date!