Garrett Pierson
71 Post Seen online 5 years ago

Garrett Pierson

71 Post Seen online 5 years ago

Start Small – Day 72

Garrett shares his thoughts on starting small when building software and sticking to your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Watch

Get Over Yourself – Day 71

Garrett talks about why it is important to "get over yourself" at times when running a business. Watch today's video to see w

Exciting News – Day 70

Garrett talks today about what he's been up to over the last few days and also shares some exciting news about Software Secre

The Myth of Multitasking – Day 69

Garrett talks about the "Myth of Multitasking" in today's live video. He references a book on this topic and adds his own exp

Good Old Hard Work – Day 68

Sometimes you just have to do the work. The hard work. Garrett talks about how this is just the case when building a business

Be Service Oriented Not Product Oriented – Day 67

Garrett shares a quote that will help you for when you are at the point of "Servicing" customers. Watch today's video to find

Make It Mobile Friendly – Day 66

Garrett talks about why it's important to make your product mobile friendly in today's video. This is an element of our indus

Build a $350 Million Software Product Not Knowing Anything About Software – Day 65

Read this article Garrett found and watch his live video today to see why he can really identify with it. This article is a g

“If there’s one thing to remember…” – Day 64

Garrett read's a quick quote from Hiten Shah today. Watch the live video to find out what it is and leave us a comment below

What Is Your Adversity Quotient? – Day 63

In today's video Garrett shares a video that Scott told him about. Be sure to watch both Garrett's live video and also the vi