Lindsay Halling
104 Post Seen online 2 months ago

Lindsay Halling

104 Post Seen online 2 months ago

Futuristic Thinking

Currently we are wire-framing out Software Funnels and doing our best to really think into the future of what it will look li

Domain Management Tip

Not every single aspect of building a software company is always going to be exciting and fun. That being said, today I wante

“Google” It

I noticed a common theme reoccur as I kept running into questions while working on various tasks today. The solution for me t

Episode 1: Meet the Software Secrets Team

Here it is! Our first podcast episode! In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk about our latest project, Software

Mind Mapping Software

[ctt template="4" link="4bJte" via="yes" ]“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hou

Foreign Software Languages

We have been communicating quite a bit lately with our developers as we get the servers (and everything that comes along with

Final Touches on the Logo Design

What happens if you put three passionate software creators and a dedicated designer in the same room with a project that has

No Excuses

I can think of no better quote for my blog post today than the following: [ctt template="4" link="fdc4o" via="no" ]You can

Let the Podcasting Begin

In addition to blogging about my journey, we decided we would also be recording a weekly podcast to recap what we experience

The First Software Wire-Frame Exists!

I'm going to expose a little more of my "nerdiness" today, but I can't help it! Today I spent the majority of the day doing s