Lindsay Halling
104 Post Seen online 11 months ago

Lindsay Halling

104 Post Seen online 11 months ago

Launch Date Changes

Monday, after Garrett and Scott returned from their Inner Circle trip with Russell Brunson we had a meeting to talk about how

Help Desk Software Testing

Lately a big focus of mine has been testing. Testing our different tools as the developers work through their daily tasks. I

Competitors of Software Funnels

We've talked multiple times over the past few months about the competition we will have for Software Funnels. While there isn

Episode 16: Effective Time Management

In this episode we talk about time management and how to make the most of your work day. We do believe that it's possi

Another Software Funnels Update

Today. Garrett and Scott, have been hard at work putting together presentations they will be giving for Software Funnels. As

Episode 15: Understanding Churn and How It Affects Your Business

After a quick Software Funnels update, we focus on the main topic for this episode, which is Churn. We past experience

Services Wireframe

We can now say that something has been done towards every tool within Software Funnels because today we made a mockup and wir

The Wireframe Tool Is Complete!

We have finished the Wireframe tool for Software Funnels! I've wanted to write this post for a couple months now, and I'm fin

All the Variables When Testing Software

Throughout some of my past posts I've talked about all the testing that takes place when building software and today I felt l

You Just Have To Have The “Want To”

This morning I was looking through industry article after industry article in efforts to try to accomplish two things. I was