Lindsay Halling
104 Post Seen online 6 months ago

Lindsay Halling

104 Post Seen online 6 months ago

Episode 14: Pricing Your Software Product

We are still working hard to keep Software Funnels progressing, but we don't have any drastic updates this week. We did g

The Name Of The Game

If you're wondering if that person in the picture above is me... not to worry, it's not. However, this is definitely how I f

Sometimes Things Just Fall Into Place When Building Software

If you are building software, then you'll probably agree that every now and then things just fall into place. Today is a g

Perfection Could Keep You From Launching Your Software

We are proactively trying to wrap up the Wireframe tool right now and it's almost to the point where we can say it's ready fo

Daily Communication When Building Software

Today in our "50k foot view" meeting we went through The 6 "P"s to evaluate where Software Funnels is as a company. We evalua

Episode 13: The Importance of Project Management

Episode thirteen is all about the importance of project management and Garrett and Scott relay multiple experiences they'

If You Can Think Of It; You Can Build It

The other night, I was sitting at a basketball game where I was with a handful of coaches who were all there scouting for po

Software Funnels’s Help Desk

I can't help but start this post by saying the Help Desk tool within Software Funnels is going to be the bomb digity! (Yes...

Combing Through Team Chat 

Today, Garrett and I sat down one more time to go over the Team Chat tool for Software Funnels. Our objective was to fine tun

Fight the Fear When Building Software

Lately, I've mentioned that I'm building out the Software Secrets Training Program in addition to keeping the Software Funnel