No News Can Be Good News

The other day a friend and I were talking about the progress of Software Funnels and how things were coming along with its d

All The Tools Have A New Look

I've been checking daily to see when all of the tools within Software Funnels would have their new designs implemented and I'

Programmer Motivation

This week I've really wanted to make sure that I took the time to point out to each programmer, the good things they are doin

Continued Software Testing

This whole week I have spent a lot of time testing. As we have four different Software Funnels tools in the works right now a

Analytics Testing

Currently I am testing the Analytics tool for Software Funnels, but this tool has brought up a good point that I wanted to bl

Launch Date Changes

Monday, after Garrett and Scott returned from their Inner Circle trip with Russell Brunson we had a meeting to talk about how

Help Desk Software Testing

Lately a big focus of mine has been testing. Testing our different tools as the developers work through their daily tasks. I

Competitors of Software Funnels

We've talked multiple times over the past few months about the competition we will have for Software Funnels. While there isn

Another Software Funnels Update

Today. Garrett and Scott, have been hard at work putting together presentations they will be giving for Software Funnels. As

Services Wireframe

We can now say that something has been done towards every tool within Software Funnels because today we made a mockup and wir