Episode 11: The Importance Of Processes When Building Software

We're back and this is Episode #11! We are excited to say that we have started working on and/or completed four out of

Episode 10: Taking A Break When Building Software

After a quick Software Funnels update, in this episode we jump into why it's important to take a break when building soft

Episode 9: How to Estimate How Long Software Development Will Take

In this episode we give a quick Software Funnels update and then dive right into our main topic, which is how to estimat

Episode 8: Should You Validate Your Software Idea?

Software Funnels update: It's coming along! We talk about how excited we are to have completed the first tool within our

Episode 7: Effectively Managing Software Developers

We are back! We hope you all enjoyed your holiday break and we are excited to be back and sharing Episode #7 with you! I

Episode 6: Software Hosting & Servers

In today's episode we talk about hosting and servers and how important it is to get this setup right the first time. We r

Episode 5: Hiring A Software Developer

In this episode we (Garrett Pierson, Scott Brandley and Lindsay Halling) talk about the roles we each play when building

Episode 4: Software Design Pages & HTML/CSS Developing

  Listen in this episode as we talk about our latest accomplishments in completing the review of the first set of

Episode 3: Logo Design and Wireframing your Software

Here is Episode #3 and we are knee deep in accomplishing the 12 steps from the Software Secrets book. In this episode we

Episode 2: Twelve Steps to Building Your Software Empire

Join us as we recap week two of our software building adventure. Be sure to listen as we go through the 12 steps found