This whole week I have spent a lot of time testing. As we have four different Software Funnels tools in the works right now and all of them are in various stages of testing.

Some of them are slightly frustrating right now as they continually have re-occurring bugs that seem to keep popping up. Lately these bugs have been things like caching issues where the code doesn’t update on the server or other similarly related issues. Nothing of major concern, just takes extra time to fix. However, at the same time, other tools have been so fun to test.

I’ve realized the approach I take in testing each tool is different than the next. Some tools require methodical thought out planning, while others I can simply test tasks as the developer marks them complete. One tool in particular right now, the Analytics tool, is requiring extra communication and patience.

The reason being is that testing will go a lot smoother if I break it into a step by step process. Otherwise there would be too many possible variables/calculations that are causing the metrics to be off and it would be harder to narrow down where the changes are necessary.

Deciding to test step by step kind of happened naturally, but has stuck because both the programmer and I recognize it’s been very efficient. There have been plenty of times where I’ve been tempted to input additional test transactions in efforts to “speed things up” and create more data. However, I know that it would only make things harder and take more time in the long run.

Sometimes it’s hard to be patient when building software, because you just get excited to see things working correctly. It’s something I have to practice and remind myself that it will be beneficial in the long run and it will be worth the wait.