Today we continued to lay the foundation for Software Funnels by accomplishing Step #4 of the twelve getting started tips found in the Software Secrets book. Step #4 is focused on creating an opt-in page. For me this was a first. I’ve never created a true opt-in page before today. I’ve edited past company websites and typically can learn to navigate through most website platforms fairly quickly. However, creating an opt-in page specifically was new.

Garrett, Scott and I started with a quick whiteboard discussion. Here we discussed what we wanted to be communicated on our opt-in page, and then I went to work.

clickfunnels-logoWith the help of ClickFunnels.com this task was simplified drastically. While I was navigating through¬†this platform I was reminded how many awesome tools are out there that can accelerate launching and growing a business. ClickFunnels is one of those! I had my first version of the Software Funnels opt-in page created in just minutes. It won’t end up being our final product, but because of this easy to use platform I didn’t hesitate to create a second opt-in page for comparison.

opt-in-pageHere is one of the mock ups I created for our opt-in page:

While this post may not reflect in length the importance of this step, don’t underestimate its importance. We just built the first point of contact for our future clients. This is where they will learn about what we are doing and how we can impact their businesses in a positive way. You have to give your clients a way to show their interest and to give you their contact information.

As I cover the other steps later in this twelve step process, I will start to connect the dots as to why we created this opt- in page so early on in the process. There is a method to our madness. We aren’t even marketing yet. We don’t even have the actual¬†software built yet. ¬†Nonetheless we now have added one more tangible piece to our foundational puzzle