Here it is, Day 1, November 7, 2016, and my first official blog post! If you haven’t read our introductory post, be sure to go back and learn a little about who we are and what we are looking to accomplish with this blog. As I mentioned in our introduction post, I’m super excited to share my journey with you as I learn the ropes to building a software company! So let’s get started!

Over the weekend as I was reading “Rework,” by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson, I found myself identifying with the excerpt below.


As I begin my journey to develop, launch and maintain this company I can’t help but like this more “down-to-earth” term, “Starter.” I’ve never considered myself an entrepreneur. However, the athlete in me, can completely jump on board with the term Starter. As a result today was the first of many “Practices” leading up to the big game (aka launch day).

To take that analogy one step further, as a starter, I’m fortunate to also have a set of coaches willing to help mentor me along the way.

We (Garrett, Scott & I) have made some great headway already on day one. Before I talk about some of the day’s activities I’d like to give you a nutshell version of the business we are going to create. Keep in mind we haven’t even built this software yet. Throughout this blog you will be able to watch our ideas grow and adapt along the way.

The name of the software we are building is Software Funnels. Software Funnels will exist in order to help entrepreneurs develop, launch, and maintain any software idea they have. This will be accomplished by offering an all-in-one software management portal that allows them to be more efficient and productive, save time & money, and get to market faster. In future posts I will cover in more detail the features and functionality of the software.

Today, we have completed the rough draft of our Mission Statement (similar to the software description above), and we have our graphic designer, Duke, rolling on designing the logo for Software Funnels. Each step we take in having something tangible for our business is really exciting to me. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to draw up!

Having never started a business from the ground up an array of emotions accompany today. Already, I am feeling that all too familiar feeling of having so many things to do. Yet also feeling a more prevalent feeling of excitement and accomplishment as we are already more than a fourth of the way through the twelve getting started steps outlined in the Software Secrets book.

Really, the biggest thing for today was that we just needed to get started. I’m learning already we can’t let the continually growing to-do list overwhelm and paralyze our progress. We can always come back later and polish and refine.

So that’s my advice coupled with what I’m learning right now; just get started. Garrett and Scott have laid out each step, within the Software Secrets book, that you will need to take on building your software.  And of course, you can follow right along with me as I work to build ours from the ground up!