Episode 18: Are We Ready to Launch Software Funnels?

We are very excited to be back with all our podcast listeners this week and ready to give you a Software Funnels update in this episode.

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Garrett Pierson: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Software Secrets Podcast. Garrett Pierson here.

Lindsay Halling: Lindsay Halling.

Scott Brandley: And Scott Brandley.

Garrett Pierson: It’s been awhile, and we apologize, but we have been extremely, extremely busy trying to hit deadlines, working on other businesses, family life, Lindsay passed physical therapy-

Scott Brandley: Woo-hoo!

Garrett Pierson: for her broken knee, and her knee surgery. That was awesome. Anyway, so we do apologize. We hope you’ve missed us, and so here we are to give you an update. Today’s gonna be basically where are we at, did we hit the deadline, drumroll, no we didn’t. And we’ll tell you why that’s okay, just give you a little bit more feedback on where things are, so let’s start there, and we’re gonna turn the time over to Lindsay to tell us where each tool is in the Software Funnels software.

Lindsay Halling: Just starting from the top, Whiteboard and Wireframe are done. Projects is about, as of today, I would say about 85 percent. It’s really close, and the reason it’s so close is because we really have had to take the time to say, this is a version two thing. And I spent a good hour with that particular programmer this morning, actually making those decisions and saying nope, this can wait. His task list for version two is already pretty long.

Scott Brandley: Which, that’s really hard.

Lindsay Halling: It’s so hard.

Scott Brandley: You want those features so badly, you know?

Lindsay Halling: There’s one in particular that I had to think about for a minute, but definitely hard to make those decisions. Team Chat is probably about 70 percent, little bit further behind, but it’s also a harder, more robust software, so it’s coming along. I actually use it on a daily basis as a chat tool, which is kinda fun.

Scott Brandley: Really? That’s cool.

Lindsay Halling: Cause I test it the same time I’m chatting with a friend, so that’s kinda fun. Helpdesk, man, it’s probably our furthest behind. Helpdesk is 40, but again, it’s a really robust-

Scott Brandley: 40 percent completed?

Lindsay Halling: Yeah. Yep. It’s a really robust software as well, and that programmer’s working hard. The reflection of the percentage, I don’t feel is always-

Scott Brandley: The reflection on the programmer?

Lindsay Halling: Yeah, exactly. He’s working super hard on it. It’s definitely not quite there, but it also doesn’t have to be ready to roll for launch.

Scott Brandley: Right, yeah, we might leave that one out on our beta launch. Analytics?

Lindsay Halling: Analytics is really 99 percent done, we’re still doing testing for history purposes with data, but as far as the core functionality, it’s done.

Garrett Pierson: Right. And then last week, there’s a dashboard page that has basically a summary of all the tools and how many messages you have.

Scott Brandley: What’s happening in each tool.

Garrett Pierson: We mocked that up and Lindsay wireframed it, and that whole video, we videoed all of that and Lindsay’s videoing the whole wireframe process. That’s all gonna be in the Software Secrets training. So, with that being said, our goal date was basically May 1st, and we did not hit it. Here is why that is okay, because that’s happened on every project we’ve ever done, first of all. Secondly, we-

Scott Brandley: We came pretty close.

Garrett Pierson: We’re really close, and we knew that was just the date that we were really pushing to try and get. When we met with Russell Brunson on when we’re gonna do a soft launch, beta launch that we talked about in the last podcast that I did by myself, just announcing that, we knew that that was gonna happen basically the first week of June, so we’ve got a whole nother month. But, let’s talk about that a little bit. How do you feel, Scott, that we didn’t hit that? What are your thoughts? Because basically, what I want to tell the people that are listening that it’s okay, but on the other hand, you still want to hit your dates as best you can.

Scott Brandley: Right, I think Helpdesk was a feature we added as an extra. Maybe that could have delayed some of the other things a little bit, so that could have been a little bit of a factor. We could have made, if we didn’t do that, we could have put more resources on the other things, focus on those a little bit, but also, I do think we got really close, and if we wouldn’t have had that deadline, we wouldn’t have pushed as hard to get to where we are now.

Garrett Pierson: That’s for sure.

Scott Brandley: Having the deadline has probably got us a lot closer than we probably would have if we didn’t have it.

Garrett Pierson: Basically what you’re saying is, setting a deadline, you need to try and hit it, but basically, that is pushing you to move things forward, because if you didn’t have a deadline, you’d never get anything done.

Scott Brandley: I’m also saying there can be distractions and you’ve gotta stick to your minimum viable product.

Garrett Pierson: Yeah. As we said earlier, that is extremely difficult to do that. So here’s where we’re at. Lindsay is working her butt off. She’s doing such a great job, and she is with the programmers every day, helping them, testing things, testing things, I bet you dream about each tool in Software Funnels, right? Whether we launch with a dashboard that we just got designed today, the designer got it back, whether we get that done or the helpdesk done, we don’t need those for a beta test launch, but when we launch in September, so if you guys want to go back and listen to that podcast where it explained how everything’s gonna go down, I explained that, as of the last podcast, in September we’re doing the big launch to the public. This June launch is basically to everybody on this podcast, everybody that has opted in to Software Funnels at softwarefunnels.com. Everybody that’s opted in and got the first two free chapters on softwaresecrets.com, and everybody that’s on our Facebook page, basically. They will get access to this private beta test, which is going to be basically half the price to get in, which is gonna be really cool.

Then, in September, we’re doing the public launch, where we’re launching to the public. You’re gonna want to get in on this beta launch in June. We’ll be giving a lot more details once that gets closer, but we’re gonna be launching the training program, the book, so Scott, talk about the book, what you’ve been doing on the book.

Scott Brandley: So the last few weeks I’ve been working on version two of the book. I went through every single chapter, updated things based on where we are right now in the development process, integrated a lot of the Software Funnels tools into the book, rather than the old tools that we used before. It was fun. It was fun to just see how far even the book has progressed and things since we started it.

Garrett Pierson: Well, the funny thing is, is we wrote the book before Software Funnels was even conceived.

Scott Brandley: Yeah, so it’s cool to go through now and just say, oh, plug this tool in here, plug this tool in here. It works so seamlessly.

Garrett Pierson: Basically, when we wrote the book, Software Funnels wasn’t even in our mind, so when we talked about project management, we talked about Trello. Scott went back through and changed it from Trello to the project tool in Software Funnels, and so on and so forth, with all the tools that we use, are all now in Software Funnels, which is really, really cool. The book had to change that way. It’s kind of more a second edit, a second proofread. I’m going through it again this week, then Lindsay’s gonna go through it next week.

Scott Brandley: I’m also having somebody do a voice.

Garrett Pierson: Yeah, we’ll have an audio book.

Scott Brandley: As we approve each chapter, we’re having somebody do the voiceover.

Garrett Pierson: So we’ll have the audio book too, so all of this is gonna be available in the Software Secrets training system, and that’s what we’re gonna open up, along with the beta test of Software Funnels when we open that up privately in June, and we’ll get you the exact date when we do that over the next couple weeks, but anyway, it’s exciting. We’re really excited to open this up to the world. What Lindsay’s gonna do, she’s gonna take all the book, and what she’s been doing is building the training system modules and membership site where you can watch all the videos of us building the software, where we go through in depth from all the basic things that you learn in the book, we go in depth with videos showing you exactly where to go and what to do, and how to hire the programmers, and then in the system, the training system, one of the bonuses that you get is you’ll get access to our software agency that we use overseas, and also our design agency that we use overseas, which basically, that is the key to success. That along with how we run a project, and how we teach you how to do that from start to finish, which are basically the 12 steps that we’ve taught before, we just go a lot more into depth of how to do that, and you can actually watch us doing it, which is really cool.

Scott Brandley: The book is more the principles and the theories and we do talk about the steps of how to build a software company, but then the training system is us in action, actually watching us do it, seeing the discussions we have, brainstorm sessions, watching us right things on the whiteboard, watching us build out the wireframes and seeing what the final design is and the concept. It’s really, really cool.

Garrett Pierson: Lindsay, I’m gonna put you on the spot. You’ve been with us now for six months almost. Basically we’ve been building a new business in the last five months from when we started. Five and a half months. So tell us what you’ve learned. What did you think was gonna happen and it didn’t happen, what you had no idea would happen, happened? What are some things that you’ve learned these last five, six months?

Lindsay Halling: We could do, probably, a podcast episode on the things I’ve learned. To try to summarize that, I’d known Garrett before I came to work for him, so I kinda knew from a distance his outlook on it.

Garrett Pierson: How cool I was?

Lindsay Halling: Yeah totally. But I really got to learn both he and Scott’s actual principles, and that’s really the Software Secrets book, so it’s been cool to read that, then go through it, and then re-read that book again and really have things hit home a little bit more because I’ve actually experienced it. I really do think that the process works. The little bit of software that I dabbled in before I came to work here, I look back and I’m like, wow. I could have done so much better had I known the things that I know now. There is a part of me that is a little nervous to launch, and that’s just cause you want to see if it really is going to work, right? What we just spent six or seven months building, now we have to put it to the test and see. So it is nerve wracking, but it’s exciting as well.

Garrett Pierson: A little bit anxious anxiety?

Lindsay Halling: Yeah.

Garrett Pierson: But I think anybody, we have that too, and I think anybody that’s gonna go launch something, you’ll feel that. You’ll feel that anxiety, what I call it is the entrepreneur brain freeze, right? Where you’re like, is this good enough, am I good enough, is my software good enough? Are people gonna like it? Is it gonna work, is the servers gonna go down? Should we even launch this yet? Is it ready? Yes. You just gotta do it, because that’s when you really move things forward. That’s cool. I’m glad that you’ve gotten a lot out of this. Really once you launch is when things really start, because now you’ve got people that are in the system, and now you’ve gotta make it nice, make it work, make it better. This minimum viable product has gotta get better now. To me that’s fun, too.

The other thing that I wanted to mention on the Software Secrets training system is that this soft launch is what we’re calling it, this beta test launch, for the people that get in that, they’re gonna get a six-week, maybe more, but I think we’re planning on six weeks, where we’re gonna be doing live webinars, answering questions, going through the training system, and that’s gonna be really cool. So you’ll be able to get that, and you’ll be able to be a part of that and actually be asking questions and being on those live webinars, and then the people that buy it in September, they’ve gonna get access to those live ones, so if you do get in on this private soft launch, then you would get access to those live webinars where you can ask questions yourself.

Scott Brandley: Yeah, it’ll be a lot more intimate than when we do the big launch, and you’ll have a lot more direct access to us, cause what we want to do during the soft launch is really build some amazing case studies. We want to help you build your software, so that we can use that in our big launch and say, hey, look, the people that used Software Secrets, and look at this cool software they built.

Garrett Pierson: Exactly. Yep.

Scott Brandley: We want to help you succeed. We’re gonna be motivated to help you make your software successful.

Garrett Pierson: That’s it for today. When we go through the revised book, Lindsay and I, and when she goes through it, she’s gonna see some of the things that we haven’t talked about yet, and we’re gonna be doing a lot more podcasts and some other things that maybe we overlooked and haven’t talked about yet. Stay tuned for the next couple weeks of podcasts, cause they’re gonna be packed full with some really good stuff on anything from the book that we haven’t talked about yet. Stay tuned for that, and we appreciate you all for listening. Go to softwaresecretspodcast.com if this is you’re first time, and subscribe, and if it’s not your first time and you haven’t left a review yet, please go and do that. Again, softwaresecretspodcast.com. Thanks, everybody.

Scott Brandley: See ya next time.

Lindsay Halling: See ya.