The First Software Wire-Frame Exists!

I’m going to expose a little more of my “nerdiness” today, but I can’t help it! Today I spent the majority of the day doing something I really enjoyed. I built the first set of wire-frames for Software Funnels today!

Before I got started on the wire-frame, we had our first meeting with the programmers. We discussed the overall objectives of our project, discussed possible options in setting up the server & databases, and talked about any potential roadblocks they foresee being present. The meeting went really well and everyone seems to be on the same page and excited to get started. Moving forward, our programmers are taking this next week to do some research on our project and really dive in and understand the big picture of what we are going to create. Once they feel they have a solid footing they will get started on setting up the server and databases and then we can start the actual development of Software Funnels. Just typing that makes me smile!

I’m stoked for Software Funnels to launch because not only are we going to build you an awesome software, but we are also going to give you access within your Software Funnels account to the programming company we utilize. Don’t miss out on this! They already have been so awesome to work with and they are incredibly smart!

All of that being said, as mentioned in the Software Secrets book, I need to be two steps ahead of our programmers and get their first two tasks completely wire-framed and ready to assign. This is something I thoroughly enjoy doing!

There is just something about taking an idea you have in your brain, drawing it out, and watching it come to life right before your eyes.

(Nerd Alert, but I’m alright with that!)

Here are a couple screenshots of a couple wire-frames I built today.
wire-frame wire-frame-2





If wire-framing doesn’t get you excited, then I hope you find your own avenue of excitement within this process. Building your own software should be something you are excited about doing! If you don’t genuinely care about your idea then eventually you will find you don’t want to invest your time and resources into making it awesome.

If you read my introduction post, Meet the Dream Team, then you know I’m brand new to this company and the Software Funnels project. However, it didn’t take long to get excited about what we are going to create, and want to make it wildly successful. I care about the success of our company and what might sound crazy too, is that I want your future company to be successful too! I’m building this software for you in hopes that it helps make building your software dream easier to accomplish!