I’ve been checking daily to see when all of the tools within Software Funnels would have their new designs implemented and I’m excited because today is that day.

We can now say that all the tools have a cohesive Software Funnels design implemented and I’m excited to show you what each of them look like.

When we first started working on Software Funnels, I wasn’t sure how much each tool would flow visually from one to the next. In fact, in version one I didn’t think they would look at all like each other. Truth be told it wasn’t high priority either. We wanted the tools to look nice and organized, but we were okay with the fact they might not all flow together. However, we are pleasantly surprised, because for a version one, they all flow and relate really well.

There is a lot to be said for that because not every tool has been designed or programmed by the same people. This naturally would cause differences and the possibility of things feeling detached. This is not the case though and it will only continue to improve version to version.

If you can’t remember what all the tools are (or you are new to our blog, in which case, welcome) here is a quick refresh and description:

Whiteboard: A virtual holding place for all your brainstorming and idea mockups; where you can collaborate with your team or secretly keep your genius ideas all in once place until you’re ready to share.


Wireframe: This is the tool that will help you bring all of your brainstormed ideas to life by creating a visual backbone and organization to your ideas. Again, you will have the ability to share them with your design team and/or programmers or keep them to yourself until the time is right.

Projects: Keep all your individual and team tasks organized within this project management system; it will allow you to communicate and quickly assess project status all from one place.



Team Chat: Your communication tool for your entire team. Through direct and group messages communication should be easy and efficient.



Help Desk: A customer support tool that will allow you to keep track of all your client communication not matter what channel they reach out to you from.



Analytics: The quickest way to understand the financial health of your business. Quickly view the key metrics for your company and build historical data for future projections.



Reports: One last, vital, communication effort with your team. Quickly view a summary of what individuals have accomplished during their work day and what obstacles they may or may not be facing.


So there you have it, all the tools within Software Funnels. If we had to launch today, visually, I would be happy with where they are each at. We still have a lot of work to do related to functionality for some of the tools, but we are getting closer by the day. Even visually I anticipate making changes still for version one but this is definitely a lower priority than other tasks at this point in time. Definitely a step closer to the launch date!