The other day a¬†friend and I were talking about the progress of Software Funnels and how things were coming along with its development. We got talking about the blog and how sometimes there’s not a whole lot to write about in the phase we are in currently. We are doing a bunch of testing right now, the programmers are heads down working hard, and some days there isn’t a lot of noteworthy action.

However, the conversation quickly transitioned to how “not having a lot to write about” could be a good thing. This is exactly why I chose to write about this today. Here’s why. The processes that Garrett and Scott have taught me and put in place for building software are designed to help this process go as smoothly as possible. So in theory, if you have strong processes in place, in my opinion, you should experience this phase too. You shouldn’t be running from one “fire” to the next, scrambling every moment.

That doesn’t mean that work isn’t getting done, but rather it means that things are working. Expectations have been set and your team is working hard.

I still get questions that our programmers need answered from time to time, but I’m available when they are working to get those answered as quickly as possible.

In the meantime I’ve been keeping busy as Garret, Scott and I work to complete the Software Secrets Training Program. There is still plenty of work on a daily basis, but the programmers and testing always come first.

So let today’s post just be a reminder that sometimes “no news, is good news” and be sure to trust in the processes Garrett and Scott teach in the Software Secrets book.