Episode 15: Understanding Churn and How It Affects Your Business

After a quick Software Funnels update, we focus on the main topic for this episode, which is Churn. We past experience

Services Wireframe

We can now say that something has been done towards every tool within Software Funnels because today we made a mockup and wir

Be Service Oriented Not Product Oriented – Day 67

Garrett shares a quote that will help you for when you are at the point of "Servicing" customers. Watch today's video to find

The Wireframe Tool Is Complete!

We have finished the Wireframe tool for Software Funnels! I've wanted to write this post for a couple months now, and I'm fin

Make It Mobile Friendly – Day 66

Garrett talks about why it's important to make your product mobile friendly in today's video. This is an element of our indus

All the Variables When Testing Software

Throughout some of my past posts I've talked about all the testing that takes place when building software and today I felt l

Build a $350 Million Software Product Not Knowing Anything About Software – Day 65

Read this article Garrett found and watch his live video today to see why he can really identify with it. This article is a g

You Just Have To Have The “Want To”

This morning I was looking through industry article after industry article in efforts to try to accomplish two things. I was

“If there’s one thing to remember…” – Day 64

Garrett read's a quick quote from Hiten Shah today. Watch the live video to find out what it is and leave us a comment below

Episode 14: Pricing Your Software Product

We are still working hard to keep Software Funnels progressing, but we don't have any drastic updates this week. We did g