I just wanted to take a few minutes today and write about something that has been on my mind these first few days. Right now we are doing all the little, but necessary & important action items that need to get done before we can start really progressing and dive into the programming. I am learning something new each day and I’m starting to see the vision and the cogs in my brain are starting to turn with ideas.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to be patient while we are getting through these first few steps, before the momentum really starts to pick up, and with each day another piece or two falls into place. There are, and will continue to be, plenty of pieces of our project that I will continue to pick up but already the picture is starting to form.

Even Garrett and Scott will tell you (and they expound on this more in the Software Secrets Book) they have found that within each one of their businesses their ideas have changed so significantly that within six months to a year of starting they have evolved into something completely unrecognizable. My main point in bringing this up is, that right now, I know what we are working on will continue to change and we have to be okay with that.

Maybe there are some of you feeling like me, anxious to get going on the programming, or maybe some of you are feeling stuck or having a hard time getting some momentum going for your idea. Maybe you are someone that has a tendency to be a perfectionist at times. Regardless, I have a few thoughts to share on all of these points that might help you.

First, remember that “Perfection can be paralyzing.” Right now we can’t afford to let this happen or we will never be ready to launch 6 months from now. Remember to “Take Imperfect Action” and just get started on your idea or tasks at hand.

I’m reminded of this each time I think of what we accomplished in Step 1 when creating our why statement. Our “why statement” or Mission Statement is currently the following:

“Software Funnels will exist in order to help entrepreneurs develop, launch, and maintain any software idea, by offering an all-in-one software management portal; that allows them to be more efficient & productive, save time & money, and get to market faster.”

It’s not a bad why statement, but it’s not perfect either. Guaranteed, this statement will grow, evolve, and become more fine tuned over the next few months. Nonetheless, we were able to come up with it on Day 1 and move on to the next item of business. Remember, “Imperfect action gets things done!”

If you’re running into roadblocks keeping you from progressing, don’t worry! There are so many tools to help you overcome this and I wanted to share a couple of my favorite. First, make sure you go back and re-read the Software Secrets book. There is so much information within this book that will help you overcome the obstacles you will face. Also, don’t be afraid to read and listen to books or podcasts that will help you continue to grow and stay motivated.

problogger-logosHere is a link to a podcast episode from ProBlogger.com where they focus on this very topic. Even though it’s a podcast geared towards bloggers, in this episode, they talk about many things that also relate to starting and growing a business. I have found it very helpful and motivating at many different times!

Overall, I’m excited and proud of the progress we are making. We are on the brink of jumping into the programming end of things, and I couldn’t be more excited! This is where our project will really start to come to life! We have a meeting with our programmers tomorrow morning to lay the foundation and take the first steps. I’ll be sure to report back on how that meeting goes tomorrow!